Have you ever shared Oreo cookies with a homeless man? I have! And believe it or not the experience was wonderful! The only thing missing from that moment was milk for our cookies lol. Lee was his name, and for some odd reason I felt connected to him. I didn't recognize his face and I … Continue reading Lee



It’s crazy how many times I’ve heard money being called the root of all evil. I totally disagree. Money isn't the problem, it’s people. Our greed and endless desires for money is what’s causing this so called “evil”. Money is a tool and like all tools it can used as a weapon, but I had … Continue reading Audre


I am happy to have met such a great man in my life. Vince Miller, a man of great wisdom and genuine kindness, only to be taken for granted. Vince is a father of 4, along with 4 other grandchildren. He works for a home care agency, providing help to those who struggle daily with … Continue reading Vince


It's truly amazing how humbling those living in the streets can be. It's a quick reminder to always be grateful for the little things we have, something Will admitted he took for granted. Will wasn't the greatest person to be around. In fact, he spent the majority of his life burning bridges and insulting family … Continue reading Will



"I had to lose everything to realize what I truly had. Being homeless gave me light. I thank God for that." These are the humble words of a man who lost his career, home, and family. It wasn't gambling, drugs, or alcohol. All it took was a simple disease to take everything he loved from … Continue reading Junga


Gary is one of the strongest warriors I have ever met, and growing up in the slums of Camden should be self explanatory. A long childhood of abuse and neglect only kept this man motivated, something we all could learn from. Gary followed his dream as a trucker,  traveling all across America for more than … Continue reading Gary


I can honestly say now that I recognize the TRUE strength of a woman. You are our mothers, providers, and Queens. You can put up with so much shit, but still manage to strive forward despite obstacles you face. You all are Super Women. But today I give the Superwoman award to Nim. Her courage … Continue reading Nim


I love my job, because the more people share with me, the more I realize how beautiful everyone truly is. Never judge a book by its cover. Starting with her eyes and her beautiful smile, I knew Michelle was pure positive energy from the very beginning. I met Michelle at Suburban Station, and her unconditional … Continue reading Michelle


It's amazing how little I've heard the word "teamwork" flow through a crowd of employees. While division has become a great problem in our society, the work place is infected with selfishness and blaming. I can honestly say teamwork is important for Aletha, something we all can learn from. I've only known her for a … Continue reading Aletha