Aletha It's amazing how little I've heard the word "teamwork" flow through a crowd of employees. While division has become a great problem in our society, the work place is infested with selfishness and blaming. I can honestly say teamwork is important for Aletha, something we all can … Continue reading Aletha


                      Jimmy Crossing paths with Jimmy had to be the greatest blessing ever. I walked past him at a Subway Station, watching him draw peacefully on a cold winter day. Besides the fact that he's homeless, I envied his self harmony, forcing me to meet him. As I'm … Continue reading Jimmy


                    Tasha   The true power of the human mind is extraordinary. We've created so much beauty with something so simple as our imagination, a gift that has also been the cause of so much of the destruction in our lives. But regardless of how we decide to use … Continue reading Tasha


                    Lee Have you ever shared Oreo cookies with a homeless man? I have! And believe it or not the experience was wonderful! The only thing missing from that moment was milk for our cookies lol. Lee was his name, and for some odd reason I felt connected to … Continue reading Lee


                    Audre   It’s crazy how many times I’ve heard money being called the root of all evil. I totally disagree. Money isn't the problem, it’s people. Our greed and endless desires for money is what’s causing this so called “evil”. Money is a tool and like all tools … Continue reading Audre