Parallel Universe

                    Parallel Universe I want to dive a bit deeper on this topic in the near future. Parallel universes. It's intriguing to think about. The possibility that there are an infinite number of universes is amazing! I could be the president in another universe. I could be a cop, … Continue reading Parallel Universe


Guilt to Grace

                    Guilt to Grace I've done a lot in my past. Guilt has been dwelling in my heart for sometime now. Is it true? Is it true that asking for forgiveness will get me grace from God? Because this is what I need most right now....

The Waas Blog ~ Via Email

                    The Waas Blog ~ Via Email Hey Guys : )!! Join over 2,000 subscribers for our latest post and updates! Join 2,943 other followers! Follow The Waas Blog! Also, stay tuned for my latest "My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance" posts : )!!

July Top 12 Tunes

Omg guys!! Hannahshappenings is an awesome blog featuring some amazing music!! My favorite song on her playlist is “Ocean” Paper Parachute : ) Check her out guys —>

Hannah's Happenings!

PHEW, July 2017 was quite a month! With travelling and moving (still no fully done), there have been many memories. I am always surrounding myself with songs either on my phone while driving, listening to my vinyl, or on podcasts like All Songs Considered. Just as a refresher for new followers, I started doing Top 12 music playlists each month about a year ago – since music is a huge part of my days, having the lists brings back events that happened in May, for example. I write down songs I like as I listen to them, and then narrow the list to my favorite 12 that I do not think are substandard in any way 🙂

This playlist for July is about half from my own music and half new ones I discovered throughout the month! You can enjoy the songs on the music widget (on the right side)…

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