A True Friend…


The true meaning of a friend can be hard to define sometimes…

But one thing I realize is that supporting our friends is important.

We may not always agree with their choices, but please understand

it’s not our job to judge them!

We wish the best for them, and if things don’t work out

we’re there to give them comfort and an open ear to listen to their problems.

Don’t judge, we’re not perfect…Nobody is.


4 thoughts on “A True Friend…

  1. humanswithfoodnames says:

    Nice and simple.
    One thing I’ve come to realize in addition to the things stated in your post is that when our friends come to us to talk about their problems they don’t always want advice. It’s natural for us to try and solve the problems of people we care about or even offer solutions but a lot of times they just want to vent and know that someone is actually listening and cares.

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