Everything Is Connected


Once I started my journey to spiritual enlightenment I’ve tried to separate

myself from previous belief systems, especially religion. I’m realizing that this is wrong.

Not wrong because there is an all powerful God dictating and blessing us, which is based

specifically off of faith and action, but wrong because anything is connected. The greatest

illusion in our world today is separation (illusion is what disrupts the balance of our

third eye by the way!). Regardless of skin color, financial status, religious beliefs, or even

political party, we are all connected. Everything is connected, so ignoring affirmations

about “God’s plan”, or getting frustrated when people refer to God as being more

powerful than themselves (which isn’t true, the spirit of God flows internally and

externally throughout every being in this universe! We are the universe. We are God. We

are Source!) is a form of separation, and more importantly a lack of compassion for


Please understand that we are all one being and collective consciousness! Embrace all

belief systems and religions, because the truth lies in all of them. And for those who are

walking the same path as me, please have compassion! Everyone learns and grows at

different rates….People can’t be forced into the truth, but simply guided to the truth to

see it for themselves.


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