Most people assume that meditation is about

stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions, or somehow controlling the mind.

But its actually about stepping back,

seeing the thought clearly,

witnessing it coming and going.

~ Andy Puddicobe


2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Von Smith says:

    Most of the world misconstrues “Nirvana” as a form of heaven. For them, that is the attraction.

    (I respectfully request experts please forgive my lack of intimate knowledge of all the different ideas of Buddhism. To help readers, it appears that, before his enlightenment, “meditation” was more like contemplation or prayer; he transformed the practice and the purpose.)

    Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was an extraordinary person. He lived an insulated life as a prince in a province near modern-day Nepal. Out of love, his father protected him from everything negative. His parents shielded him from any downside of life – sickness, injury, old age, decay, and death. Once he saw glimpses of these realities of life, he felt a higher calling. To hold him, his parents arranged a marriage, which brought him a son. Despite these attachments, he left his envelope of perfection with the help and support of Ananda, his faithful attendant.

    Siddhartha saw the “wheel of life” as a perpetual reincarnation into a world of pain and sorrow. He looked for a “cure.” He abandoned Ananda, his position, and possessions, to pursue asceticism, the extreme opposite of the privileged life he had lived in the protected palace of his parents. Privation and pain were products of absence. But then, he realized reincarnation brought one back to remedy and improve from that awful life.

    By trial and error, Siddhartha discovered that any extremes in life, kept one on the wheel of reincarnation, and allowed no relief.

    Legend has him seated beneath a Bodhi tree, (tree of wisdom) where he resists all forms of spiritual attacks and dissuasions, to discover a true “middle way” (meditation) to detach from either world, and escape to a final “nothingness” (Nirvana).

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