Is Music Your Trigger Too?


Can listening to a song repeatedly during certain times in our life trigger past emotions, memories, and addictions?

I have the tendency to listen to a specific song when I’m feeling a specific way during a specific time in my life. It’s almost as if the song is collecting all of my emotions and memories during that time period. After awhile I’ll forget about the song, but eventually I can back to it. Instantly, a rush of past emotions and memories become conscious…I’m left dwelling in my past once again.

I also smoke while I’m listening to my favorite songs, songs that create positive feelings in my body. This helps enhance my temporary high. But when I listen to those same exact songs when I’m not smoking, I’ll get the urge to smoke….

Is this a subconscious thing? Is this a psychological thing? Is this a dopamine in the brain thing? Have you ever experienced something like this before too??? Please comment and share your own experience!! : )


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