Fighting Temptations (Thomas Shepard)

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Fighting Temptation


She brought the fire to its white tip.

She inhaled,

she exhaled.

An instant expression of relief rushed across her face.

I became envious,

because of she stood their,

drowning in your new reality of pleasure,

I was left to perish in a dark realm of temptation.

She took a second pull from its orange base.

I could see the fire slowly disintegrating it’s body,

leaving nothing behind but the ashes from it’s soul,

and with a quick flick from her thumb,

its ashes became a victim of gravity.

She exhaled.

A wave of smoke trickled across my face.

I could feel its heat,

I could smell its presence,

but I craved its taste.

She inhaled.

My legs grew weaker as my desire grew stronger.

My face turned red as my pours erupted with sweat.

Then she exhaled,

looked into my eyes,

and saw my distress.

But before she could offer, her bus pulled up to the curb.

Its white tip was forcefully crushed against a wall,

ending my torment.

She got on her bus.

The bus pulled off.

I wiped my face,

looked to the sky,

closed my eyes,

and rejoiced.

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