Time For a Break (Pearlina Raw)

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Time For a Break

This is not an easy fix life is teaching me a lesson

he says we need a break 

to take some time

So now I’m stressing 

1500 boys

Will I ever learn my lesson 

Never knowing the right road

Guess god chose to keep me guessing

In my mind 

Try to rewind 

Are you a curse 

Or a blessing 

In disguise 

I can see it in your eyes 

So I dream

Just hoping for the day that I can truly live life clean 

Clean from worry, doubt and destruction

How many times will my heart feel disruption

The titanic’s boat load of tear starts erupting 

The path is uncertain 

Uncertainty surely has sunk in 

Little old me wants one thing 

To love and be loved 

No conditions 

Clearly can’t make right decisions. Stuck here with bad incisions

Bleeding from the heart 

Bad intentions played a part 

That’s the reason they don’t start 

Bad emotions in the cart 

Now it’s time to check it out 

Look we’ve really messed up now 

Feeling guilty 

Bring the doubt 

Asking what do I do now 


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