Teary Nights ~ 09/06/17

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My Journey to Wealth and Financial Abundance

I cried myself to sleep last night. I just felt lost. My heart is pure, I do what’s right, I’m generous and compassionate with everyone I come across, so why in the hell do I continue to have these emotional battles!? I feel better this morning, but last night I was ready to give up.

To be honest, the rewards I want in life aren’t appearing. I think this is the problem. I’m too focused on what I don’t have instead of focusing on what I’m already blessed with. I have to change my perspective, because I don’t want anymore teary nights….

To be continued….

Hey guys!! In case you missed my last post of “My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance,” Here it is : ) –> I’m Healing my Father


10 thoughts on “Teary Nights ~ 09/06/17

  1. Love Alchemy says:

    Lion has his teeth, take them, he dies. Bird has it’s wings, take them, it never really lives, man has his mind. My wish is that you do not allow your circumstances to appeal to your mind. You will overcome this brief darkness. Peace to you.


  2. Sam says:

    This is why I am currently doing my challenge. I try to do it everyday, but I get busy, or tired. Every day try to find something new to be thankful for. You’ll start to see all that you have. Some things may be materialistic, others aren’t. But you will change your mindset in doing so. Let me know if it helps!

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  3. Laila Laurson says:

    Stay strong. Things will get better. I have had those moments when all seems lost and it is easy to focus on what you lack instead of what you have. I know I am guilty of doing that, but on your bad days, just remember that it will pass. When it does make your best efforts to remind your self of all the amazing things you have in your life and on the days you’re strong enough to push past the negativity do so. Things will turn around! 🙂

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