Parallel Universe

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Parallel Universe

I want to dive a bit deeper on this topic in the near future. Parallel universes. It’s intriguing to think about. The possibility that there are an infinite number of universes is amazing! I could be the president in another universe. I could be a cop, a doctor, a lawyer, the possibilities are endless!

I’ve always wondered if I’m connected to these other “me’s”. Have you ever seen the movie “The One” starring Jet Li?


“Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li), once an officer of the “Multiverse Authority,” an agency that polices interdimensional travel via wormholes, seeks to hunt down all variations of himself in alternate universes. By killing all 124 of his other selves (becoming the last version) and absorbing their life energies, he believes he will become an immortal godlike being called The One.” 




Buy Now! (Amazon ~ Jet Li: The One, Special Edition)

I wonder if it’s possible to connect with these other beings! Maybe through meditation, or even through my dreams! I hope one day these questions are answered!


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