I’m healing my Father ~ 09/04/17

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My Journey to Wealth and Financial Abundance

I recently found out my biological father is autistic. He’s been diagnosed with autism since birth.

I’m a bit upset with my family. How long have they known this? Why did they lie to me about his medical conditions? Were they ever going to tell me the truth? I’ve been told so many stories about his illness. When I asked questions about his condition to family I was always given vague answers. It was frustrating.

But what I realized was that my family was in denial. I guess they didn’t want to believe it and making up stories was the best way to deal with their own pain.

You want to know something crazy? Ever since I moved in with him people have told me he’s doing a lot better than normal! He dances around the house more often, he laughs and smiles more often, and he talks to people more. I think my presence is helping him heal. My heart is pure, and not to sound cocky, I’m not surprised my presence has a positive affect on him. I’m healing him, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s healing me too.

To be continued….

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7 thoughts on “I’m healing my Father ~ 09/04/17

  1. me says:

    This is so nice to read 🙂 My relationship with my biological father is horrid, and it’s nice to hear somewhere on this planet, someone is healing their relationship with their father ❤
    Good On You 🙂

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