No Pain, No Gain ~ 8/30/17

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My Journey to Wealth and Financial Abundance

I never thought I’d be where I am in life years ago. I’m not just talking about my success, but also my failures. I asked for this. I asked to be pushed. I asked to be changed. I asked to be taken on a journey that would help me reach my greatest potential.

See in my head the road to success would be easy and I was foolish enough to believe that.  The journey is never easy. Why would it be. How could you grow without struggle or pain? How could you grow without resistance? It’s like working out. You don’t gain muscle when the workout is easy. You have to push yourself, you have to exceed beyond your limits. That’s only possible through some form of pain or strain. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for growth!

To be continued….

Hey guys!! In case you missed my last post of “My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance,” Here it is : ) –> Unified Power! ~ 8/22/17



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