The Darkness to Infinite Power!

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The Darkness to Infinite Power!

Self love will generate an infinite amount of energy and power for you. Self motivation, self inspiration, and an everlasting fire will burn from your soul when you truly master this power. But how, how do you find this love? Where do you start? Honestly, it’s not the books you read, or the videos you watch. You have to walk through the dark tunnel of your mind, heart, and soul. Not around it, but through it!

We ALL have memories and emotions in our past that has caused us much pain and chaos. So many people have developed this ability to bury these experiences so deep in their hearts, not realizing that this is the source of their loneliness and emptiness within.

You have to be willing to take that first step into the darkness. Walk through that tunnel, let the pain and agony surface. I’m not saying it will be easy, and speaking from personal experiences it sucks, but it’s necessary! To find that light, to find that source of power, you have to first step into your own darkness.

When you’re walking through it, the tunnel might get darker, you may get lost, but if you remain consistent on your journey, if you persevere through the obstacles you WILL face, eventually that light will appear. I’m telling you, if you’re willing to pay the price, if you’re willing to take that first step, when you reach the end of that tunnel you will feel that everlasting fire from your soul. You will stay self motivated and inspired to follow your dreams and remain passionate, despite the the lack of support you may have. Take back your life, take that journey to self love because there isn’t another source of energy like it!!


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