From Thomas to Deidre’ : ) ~ 8/21/17

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My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance

My mom just subscribed to my blog the other day!! This is awesome! Many people may not understand why I’m so excited, but my family has been through a lot this year. To know I have my mothers support means the world to me. I’ve only had 3 other friends and family members support my blog (including my mom). It’s okay, now I have the one woman that matters most on my support team. Thank you mom, and I love you : )

~ “I carry her in my heart as I continue my journey to Wealth and Financial Abundance.” – Thomas to Deidre’

To be continued….

Hey guys!! In case you missed my last post of “My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance,” Here it is : ) –> The Subconscious Mind ~ 8/20/17



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