The Car Accident ~ 8/15/17

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My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance

So I was recently involved in a car accident. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I walked away from the scene scratch free, but my aunt and cousin were hospitalized. My journey has been wonderful since I first left home, but this event has totally drained my happiness and joy.

It was originally my father’s birthday party. One of my family members had spotted me downtown at McDonald’s (I was using their wifi service for my blog). She had reminded me that my father’s birthday had pasted and the family was getting together to surprise him with a party. This was wonderful! I hadn’t seen my biological father in months, so this was a surprise for the both of us.

The day was wonderful! Music filled our ears as we all laughed and played in celebration of my dad. I had never seen him happier. Ever since I could remember he has always been a kind and loving person. It wasn’t a surprise that so many people came out to wish him a happy birthday as well.

It was around 6pm when my aunt finally decided to take a trip to the market. Our trip there was fun. The three of us had casual conversations about books we loved, where we were in life (I failed to mention my homelessness lol), and some of our future relationship goals. We all gave each other advice about how we can improve ourselves and how to stay focused on our goals for the future. Our trip there was safe, it was once we pulled off, making our way home that I should’ve been worried.

I won’t forget the sound two cars make when they collide. Watching a car accident on TV or from the outside will never be the same as watching the process from inside that car….It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t a game, the shit was real. As we’re pulling up into the intersection, we were instantly hit by a guy speeding from the right of us. It happened so fast guys….this isn’t something you can prepare for. He was spending so fast that our car did a 720 degree spin while it was still moving in its original forward motion. The right side of our car was totaled. The guy that hit us, his hood was totaled as well. The impact was so loud, everyone came outside from their homes, watching us scramble to get out of the car. My aunt’s arms were fractured and my cousin was diagnosed with a concussion. I walked away completely untouched.

Something happened in that car. Something or someone was protecting me. No one could understand how I managed to walk away from an accident like this without a single injury. I couldn’t believe it either….how the fuck was I okay?

It was meant for me to see my family at that McDonald’s. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have seen my father, but my aunt wouldn’t be in the hospital as we speak. I’m just confused how this accident had a purpose in my journey….or maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time….

To be continued….

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