Team Work makes the Dream work! ~ 8/12/17

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My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance

There’s a reason I’ve met so many selfish men and women in my life. Now I have the ability to see what TRUE generosity is!

“Thank you Elliot, you’ve done a lot for me already. Offering your home, buying me food, and offering to help me with clothes….How can I possibly repay you,” I asked Elliot. “Honestly, nothing much lol. I just ask that you help out around the house every once in awhile. Clean the bathroom or wash the dishes.”

Deal! Deal! Deal! Elliot may not know this, but I’ve been cleaning dishes and washing bathrooms since I was & 7 years old! Almost like my entire life has prepared me for this moment. I love life. I love this journey!

I also want to talk about the man and woman gender roles. I believe  every man and woman should know how to cook and clean for themselves. We don’t live during the hunter and gathers time period anymore. We live in an organized civilization where men and WOMEN has the ability to think and support themselves! Women are not responsible for just cooking and cleaning the house. Men are not responsible for just bring home the food and paying all the bills. Men are independent. Women are independent. It’s called teamwork! Bring whatever you can to the table. Don’t throw what you’ve done for others in their face. That isn’t genuine.

To be continued….

Hey guys!! In case you missed my last post of “My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance,” Here it is : ) –> Meditation Day ~ 8/11/17



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