The Lone Wolf ~ 8/10/17

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My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance

I left home with nothing but a backpack, a laptop, three books, two pens, 2 pairs of pants, two pairs of underwear, and one half empty stick of deodorant. No money, no food, no water, just me and my materials for my work.

I cried in my basement before making my final decision to leave. “I won’t be able to see my sisters grow up…” “I won’t be able to see my brothers when I’m feeling lost..” “I will be alone and lonely..” These were the thoughts cycling through my mind. Each after the next, and I guess it was an attempt to stop myself from leaving. But I knew if I stayed it would be just another excuse to remain in my comfort zone.

My heart cried for freedom, my heart cried for wealth, and staying home wasn’t going to get me there.

I said my goodbyes, finished packing, walked out the door and never looked back. My new life had begun once I stepped off that porch. I was nervous, scared, anxious, and excited all at the same time. “I can’t believe I’m actually following my dreams lol, but am I making the right decision,” I asked myself quietly. But as more doubt began to surface, I slowly looked up to the sky, only to see the biggest, brightest, reddest moon I’ve ever seen in my life. My worries slowly began subsiding as I realized the answer to my question. Just Keep Walking!

After a couple hours of walking and I finally found a great place to rest and read one of my books (The Alchemist). During that moment I can honestly say I was truly happy. I was peaceful, I was sooo fucking free!! That is what my heart was seeking all these years. Not family, not friends, not finding a lover to distract me from my true purpose…It was my damn freedom!! But despite my inner peace, I still needed a place to sleep….And as I went to flip to my next page, I sensed this wonderful energy, forcing me to look up. Something magical happened after sensing that pure energy of light…

I met Elliot, the magnificent giver : )…

To be continued….

Hey guys!! In case you missed my last post of “My Journey to Wealth & Financial Abundance,” Here it is : ) –> Intro ~ 8/9/17


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