Can You Hear Me? (Thomas S.)

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Can You Hear Me

My Heart is aching for you…

My heart throbs with pain, but it isn’t pain, it’s a distress signal calling your name.

Have you heard it? My call, My signal, My pain?

Where are you? Why are you ignoring me? How selfish can you be…

We can survive without a lover, but we can’t thrive without one…

My heart is growing colder the longer you ignore me. Is that what you want me to have, an icebox for a heart?

What about me? What about what I want…

Isn’t the scars on my heart enough for you?

Why do I have to turn into an asshole for you to love me!?

Are we even on the same frequency anymore…………………….


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3 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me? (Thomas S.)

  1. Kimberly says:

    I am going through something like this right now…I can appreciate the pain it took to write this. He ignores me until he wants something but I understand what is going on, I just hope it isn’t to late…thank you!

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