A Sip of Poison (Jenny K.)

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A Sip of Poison

You’re a sip of Poison to her. And not the poison that could kill in a instant, the kind of poison that is slow. Messing with your mind, the kind of Poison where she can’t forget about you, the kisses you left on her, the way you looked at her .. Poison.. the kind of poison that she just wants to be curled up in your arms even with the lies, the memories, and the

I promise ..it was all fake they only stood as words with no meaning ..Poison.. the type of Poison that gets her too cry herself to sleep and waking up ever so often from the thought of you..Poison.. she trusted you her heart her mind all of her trusted you..Poison.. it’s been months and she still thinks about him she has moved on but she always comes back to the thought of him.. I guess first love truly never leave..Poison..


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