Afrocentric (Aryah)

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I am Afrocentric

I am Black and made of melanin and honey

I wonder why people hate when I return my hair back to its natural hair state of big, soft, dark and light brown curls

I see the “awe” in their eyes when I walk by, my Afrocentric curls bounce with each step I take

My face full of confidence and eyes display nothing but happiness

I want to help other Black girls embrace their beauty because society is constantly telling us “the lighter you are, the more attractive you are” and that’s not the case, no matter how strong your melanin is, you’re beautiful

I am Black and made of melanin and honey

I feel accepting about my background of struggles and hard time, those days shaped me. I feel accepting to where I come from, the busy streets of Montbello to Aurora, Colorado. Where stray cats and dogs roam the streets and the ice cream man pushing his cart down the street after school

I worry about running out of hair products because I fear my thick hair will not look the way I want it to the next morning

I touch my hair on the daily because it resembles a million soft cotton balls

I cry when all of my feelings of how the world is today and how people treat me poorly when I give them my all get bottled up

I am Black and made of melanin and honey

I understand others don’t like how confident I am about myself

I tell myself I am beautiful the way I am

I dream to become a successful Afrocentric Black woman as an EMT or Occupational Therapist.. Maybe a teacher

I try to keep my self esteem up to par by telling myself I am beautiful and going on pages on Instagram to inspire Black Girls/women

I hope I always be confident enough to embrace myself no matter what

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