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It’s amazing how little I’ve heard the word “teamwork” flow through a crowd of employees. While division has become a great problem in our society, the work place is infested with selfishness and blaming. I can honestly say teamwork is important for Aletha, something we all can learn from.

I’ve only known her for a month, but I can already see how her work ethic alone separates her from the crowd. While my first encounter with Aletha wasn’t the best experience for me, working with her only makes me work harder, not only as an employee but as a person. Aletha has great passion for her job. This surprises me because I don’t see the beauty in Rite Aid lol. Constantly in my ear about my daily tasks is what I originally disliked the most. Constantly putting me in my place was rather annoying. Constantly reminding me about my work ethic only attacked my pride. I quickly began resenting her, but more importantly, I quickly began respecting her. She wasn’t nagging me for herself, but to help make all of our working day smoother. She was pushing more towards everyone helping each other than one just helping themselves. After that realization, I had to make a decision. Do I swallow my pride and improve my work ethic for the team, or do I resist her nature skill as a leader, ultimately making my job harder? Knowing myself, I already knew the answer.

Teamwork goes a long way. If everyone helped each other a little more than they are comfortable with, all of our lives would become greater in the process!

5 thoughts on “Aletha

  1. Pazlo says:

    Whatever you are doing, it is YOU doing.
    If your name is on it, what kind of work do you want it to be?
    Whether president of a corporation or a street sweeper, one should take pride in one’s undertakings, regardless of their perceived importance.
    Everything I touch has my mark on it.
    I take great care to be sure it represents True Me.

    Seek peace,


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