2 Sizes Smaller

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2 Sizes Smaller

I remember in the 5th grade when my teacher had planned a field trip to the woods for a hiking event. The trip wasn’t anything more than walking and taking notes, but it was something nice and simple. Because it was suppose to rain the day of the trip we were all assigned to write down our shoe sizes to have our boots ordered.

Something interesting happened after recording our shoes sizes. My classmates with smaller feet were deemed cooler than the ones with bigger feet. This was a big thing for the next couple of days. It was such a big deal that I even changed my shoe size two sizes smaller. That was stupid! My feet hurt like hell during that trip, but that experience taught me something valuable.

It’s amazing what some of us will do just to fit in. We’ll sacrifice our physical, mental, and emotional well being just to be accepted by other people. This is just as stupid as buying a pair of shoes with the wrong shoe size, intentionally!

Love yourself, be yourself……One Love.

12 thoughts on “2 Sizes Smaller

  1. J.S. Pailly says:

    What are strange and arbitrary thing, to decide that smaller shoe sizes are cooler. And yet if you take a step back, most of the other things that are deemed cool, beautiful, or fashionable in our culture are just as arbitrary.

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