Purpose = Happiness

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Purpose = Happiness

It wasn’t until I found my purpose in life that I felt my existence was meaningful. Before I fully committed myself to this blog I spent a lot of my time contemplating who I was. I felt suicidal and depressed. I felt as though something was missing, like a lost piece of a puzzle. I was empty. Losing my family, dropping out of school, and quitting a series of jobs only made me feel worse. Not only did I feel like crap but my pride was being attacked. I was lost.

So what changed? Honestly, I can’t tell you what changed. It wasn’t a specific moment or event. A specific video or book I may have read, or even a conversation I may have had with family or friends. It was a continuation of changing my mindset, thought process, and emotions. I had this desire to change…..and that was enough for me. I had to dig deep within myself.

What do I love? What makes me happy? Making others smile….listening to other people talk….allowing people to express their beautiful voice….these are the things that make me happy. This is my purpose.

Dig deep within yourself. Once you find your purpose you will find your happiness.

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