Waas Blog Improvements #2

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Waas Blog Improvements #2

Hey guy! The last time I asked for your advice I received a lot of great feed back! Your support has helped push this blog in the right direction! Shout out to everyone who recently left comments to help me out!

  1. Lisa Ralph (Check out their blog)
  2. Rabbitpatchdiary (Check out their blog)
  3. Larry Paul Brown (Check out their blog)
  4. Kevan V (Check out their bog)
  5. R. Arthur Russell (Check out their blog)
  6. Silver Screenings (Check out their blog)

I’m asking for help again! I need some new ways to drive more traffic to this blog….I would love to hear your ideas, thank you : )!

6 thoughts on “Waas Blog Improvements #2

  1. Virginia says:

    You might want to check out John Scalzi’s July 4th Mid-Year Report post on his Whatever blog (whatever.scalzi.com) He’s been blogging since 1998 & has huge #s (millions) not just because he’s a great sciFi author but because he’s good at blogging. His mid-year post helped me understand why WordPress stats don’t present the whole picture of blog traffic.( I manage my late father’s blog that never includes large # of folks who receive it as email.)

    I enjoy your quotes & stories! Keep ’em coming!! 😎

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