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Crossing paths with Jimmy had to be the greatest blessing ever. I walked past him at a Subway Station, watching him draw peacefully on a cold winter day. Besides the fact that he’s homeless, I envied his self harmony, forcing me to meet him. As I’m walking towards Jimmy he began lifting his head up with a smile, almost as if he could sense me. We instantly made eye contact, which eventually turned into us smiling, and then giggling at one another. This experience was beautiful. Jimmy was a comic, each sentence funnier than the last. The facial expression he used for his picture only makes me smile with joy, but it’s also a reminder that suffering and misery is a choice. Like Jimmy, we all can smile and laugh despite our situations.

Losing his house and family over money issues only made me wonder how someone with so much humor could be in so much pain. Later realizing it, Jimmy was an honest reflection of myself.

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