About Waas Blog…

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About Waas Blog

Being molested was the root of my silence as a child. And spending years of my life hiding this secret ate me alive. The memory is painful, but my silence was unbearable. I know the difficulties of feeling alone, the difficulties of feeling powerless, and the difficulties of hiding your voice….thus the Waas Blog was born….

What is the Waas Blog and Why?:

Waas (We Are All Safe) is dedicated to those in society who’s voices have be suppressed. Everyone is different, each born into this world with their own personal problems, but not everyone has an outlet of expression. I created this blog to help become their voice. Whether it’s through stories, music, poetry, art, etc, Waas Blog will be used to help people express themselves and their problems freely! We all have a unique story…..I want to share yours!

36 thoughts on “About Waas Blog…

  1. Ray Calabrese says:

    Your mission is powerful and other-centered. One of my “teachers (not in a school sense)” said, “the way through, is through the hole in the soul.” You have found your passion through the hole in your soul. Good for you. Ray

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  2. Yvonne B. says:

    Make your voice heard and vocalize on the pain that gives you the strength to look back and see how far you’ve come.
    Very proud of you. It takes real courage to put a voice to your pain.

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  3. Susan Marquardt says:

    I always had used art to express what I am not able to speak. It started at about age 8, I discovered graphite and created drawings. By the time I was in my late teens, I evolved as an artist and added colored pencils as my medium.
    Now, at age 52, I went back to college to earn my Bachelor’s degree due to becoming disabled from many spine surgeries and fusions. This past May, I had completed my very first ceramics class for my fine art requirement to graduate. I fell in love. I started my own ceramics business.
    My business allows me to sell my sculptures and allows me to keep expressing myself in ways I am unable to verbalize.
    Ceramics is my voice.

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  4. Music Alchemy says:

    Yesterday I found Neurodivergent Rebel on wordpress, (rather, she found me!). Today I find you,(rather you found me <3)…I guess its time I spoke out. I have an extreme story and have parsed some of it out, bit by bit, in my blog. I burped out 75 pieces last year. I had tested the waters, dipping my toe in…is it safe? I wasn't sure but at least I did it. Then, silence. I was going into the deep again, deeper than ever in my life to walk on the new sidewalks I had laid down the year prior and see what the landscape looked like. It was quite informative and the experiences were dramatic. I had opened a can of worms, so to speak, and now they were all coming out to see the light too. OMG, I had no idea what I had done! At times I wanted to turn back…but to where? Silence? No, silence would have killed me and I knew it.

    I had been hospitalized throughout my life for muteness. The first time I went mute was at 6 years old and that lasted 6 months. It was due to trauma; they tried to make me right-handed, and my right brained, left handed self could not cope. So, music was the solution to the adults around me. I could sing but not speak. Music is still saving me half a century later. Carpe diem! It's a new day. Thank you for this blog. Much respect, M.A.

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