Elizabeth Frank on “Life without limits”

“Nick spent his early years struggling to make meaning of his life; he was bullied and picked on, felt limited by his disability and, at one point, at age 10, even considered suicide. However, through perseverance, faith in God, the loving support of his family and a series of fortuitous events, Nick turned his life around once he realized that pushing past insecurities about his physical limitations would give him the impetus to create a purposeful life: “At first I was not willing to confront that what was really wrong with me wasn’t my body, it was the limits I put on myself and my limited vision of the possibilities for my life.”


Accepting his divine destiny and the endless possibilities that he now enjoys did not come easy,however, there were signs and help along the way. There were several pivotal moments and stories shared in this book that helped Nick embrace his life and focus on achieving his dreams. At 13, he read a newspaper report about a man who was fully paralyzed and bedridden. The story made Nick recognize that he had possibilities and could do more with his life. An exchange on stage with a young girl, at a talk he gave for 300 teenagers, changed his perspective and helped him to stop questioning his self-worth.”

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