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Have you ever shared Oreo cookies with a homeless man? I have! And believe it or not the experience was wonderful! The only thing missing from that moment was milk for our cookies lol.

Lee was his name, and for some odd reason I felt connected to him. I didn’t recognize his face and I wasn’t sure if I knew him personally, but the energy he gave off resembled my own. Lee sat under a tree with the rest of his belongings, and as I sat down beside him he reached into one of his bags, pulled out a pack of Oreo’s, and then handed me the pack. We just sat there for about 30 minutes eating and sharing stories about our life. He shared with me his experience in prison while I expressed my concern for my family. To be honest, my talk with Lee had to be one of the greatest conversations in my life. We both gave each other our undivided attention, as well as perfect body language and eye contact. Conversations like that are rare to come upon, especially in today’s society.

Overall, I just want to thank Lee for sharing his time with me. He gave me some knowledge about my life that was necessary. It’s amazing what you can learn when you take the time to talk to others. Always remember to keep  an open mind and show compassion for others. You might receive a blessing because of it!

16 thoughts on “Lee

  1. hebridesinsights says:

    I used to be quasi-homeless living out of cars and hotels. I also worked with a large homeless population in the medical field. They are people like everyone else but they have more life experience than most. It seems most of them just lacked opportunities and love in their lives. It’s a beautiful thing your doing with this blog. ❤️

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  2. Kae Bucher says:

    McDonald’s with:)… a homeless gal once offered to give my daughter and I money… another wrote a song and gave to me… there are awesome people who wander the streets… met some who are praying for mainstream society…

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  3. Kae Bucher says:

    Lol… my name is Kae.. bucketsonabarefootbeach.com… used to teach special ed… kinda a youth pastor following Jesus wherever He leads… the whole idea of folks acting like doing stuff for folks without homes makes them noble has always bugged me… or folks giving food after they’ve made folks listen to them preach is totally gross … people are people …since u asked … another story… was at a group where some awesome folks met to worship… my family asked for prayer and theses folks put their arms around us and prayed more passionately for our concerns than any church folks did…

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  4. rezinate says:

    Blogs such as your’s serve an important purpose in not only raising awareness but giving a voice to the disenfranchised.
    Poverty is genderless, devoid of ethnicity, and age whether young or elderly – completely unacceptable in any nation as affluent the U.S, not to mention globally.

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  5. N8 Shepard says:

    Yo thomas I be reading these blogs about to cry. These people are strong as hell and I know from experience that sleeping outside is not an enjoyable moment. Keep talking to them. You don’t know how much it helps just to have someone to talk to. 💯 keep it up bro I love what you doing. Like really

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