Stefan James on “The 5 Love Languages”


“I just finished reading the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and it was a fantastic book for singles, those in relationships, and especially those who are married.  I heard so much about the book from friends and it wasn’t until I was in an airport and saw it on a shelf that I decided to read it.  Another motive for reading the book was because I have recently entered into a new relationship with a girl and thought it’d be useful to read a book on love.

Gary Chapman reveals that there are 5 Love Languages, or 5 ways for us to communicate love to one another, which is different for everybody.  It’s important for you to figure out exactly what it takes for YOU to be loved, as well as what it takes for your LOVED ONES to be loved.  The mistake that many people make is that they assume that their partner has the same love language as them, which isn’t true.  And whenever you don’t feel loved in a relationship, or your love tank is empty as Gary Chapman says, the relationship is in danger.” ~ Stefan James


17 thoughts on “Stefan James on “The 5 Love Languages”

  1. transparencyinmytruth says:

    This is an excellent book. He also has one for children and teens that I’ve read as well. For a long time I believed in treating others how I wanted to be treated but that’s not the case for everybody and every situation. Check out the one just for men. Great post!

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  2. Ray Of Helios says:

    I read the book and took the test. It was really helpful. Glad you are getting people informed about this really simple but powerfully helpful tool

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  3. K E Garland says:

    I’m honestly torn about the messages in this book because I firmly believe that once we begin to love ourselves, then we’ll stop looking outside of ourselves for a specific type of love. At the same time, the book seems to have helped countless numbers of people, so kudos for that.

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