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I am happy to have met such a great man in my life. Vince Miller, a man of great wisdom and genuine kindness, only to be taken for granted. Vince is a father of 4, along with 4 other grandchildren. He works for a home care agency, providing help to those who struggle daily with everyday needs. Having a family and being a working man made it more difficult to believe he was actually homeless, but I knew he was in need of help when I first saw him.

I met Vince at Suburban Station, located at City Hall in Philadelphia. His story brought enlightenment to the entire station as he opened his heart to me, and every since then my life has been brighter. It’s amazing how friends and family can forget the great things you’ve done for them once you ask for help.

Turning their backs on him, Vince’s family only made his situation harder. Work was slow for Vince since he was only given a couple of clients a per week. Paying for food and transportation wasn’t easy, let alone paying his own rent. His mother and daughter gave him a place to sleep, but never had any intentions of letting him stay.

The great man that Vince is, his situation didn’t break him. The lack of support from his family didn’t cause him to judge or hate them, he was in a mindset of acceptance and solutions. As Vince finished only half of his story, I asked him a question. “If I told you I could help you, would you accept it?” I watched each stage of his face as he began crying tears of joy. I watched his eyes watering. I watched the trail of tears rolling down his cheeks, to the final splash on his jacket, each stage symbolizing his pain, his struggles, but then hope.

Vince currently lives with me and my dad, giving him a place to stay as he gets back on his feet. Each day we learn from each other. We learn the true meaning of what unconditional love and compassion ultimately is. I love Vince and his presence in our home. I know we all will help change this world together as this project continues to grow!

15 thoughts on “Vince

  1. Joe says:

    This morning on the way to a job interview I watched as two laborers helped an elderly woman across the street. Two people that in any other situation I might have passed the absolute wrong judgment against. Sadly it’s taken so long for me to learn but luckily I have. The most beautiful parts of human nature I have found in people right next to me and I can’t help but let it affect me to try harder to be human myself! Thanks for this ~J

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  2. Estora Adams says:

    There was a time in the world when helping others like this was commonplace, but it’s rare now for many reasons which breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing and helping to restore my faith in mankind. ❤

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  3. LuAnne Holder says:

    This is a wonderful story that illustrates the blessings one receives through helping others. I volunteer at a homeless shelter in the Detroit area. I have met so many engaging people. I have been there about two years now helping people write resumes. I hear their stories and am amazed at their resilience – usually. I have been enjoying reading your stories, well, their stories. So glad you visited my site and I have a chance to get to know you and read your blog.

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