It’s truly amazing how humbling those living in the streets can be. It’s a quick reminder to always be grateful for the little things we have, something Will admitted he took for granted.

Will wasn’t the greatest person to be around. In fact, he spent the majority of his life burning bridges and insulting family and friends. His selfish attitude and reckless behavior quickly pushed his loved ones away. His abuse of drugs only made his situation worse. And after losing his daughter and wife, Will’s path into the streets was inevitable. Will has felt that life was always against his very existence. No matter how much he tried to do right, life had a way of forcing him back into his abusive and destructive habits. But all Will wants is change for himself…

“I don’t know any homeless guy in the streets who wants to be living in the streets.” I totally agree with this statement by Will. I honestly believe if a job opportunity appeared, those living in the streets would take it. I believe many of us would do the same without hesitation. So work ethic isn’t the problem. How many employers do you know would hire a man who doesn’t have the luxury to bathe daily, who doesn’t have the ability to brush their teeth, or even wash their dirty clothes regularly? I don’t, but I can’t blame most employers. I know for a fact I wouldn’t hire an individual like that either. But this is the problem. How can they work if no one is willing to hire them? Yet people are so quick to call those begging for help bums without fully understanding their situation…

I feel bad for Will. After having his Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and State ID were stolen it’s going to be harder for him to fight his was back into society. God bless his soul…

14 thoughts on “Will

  1. feelingsuicidalblog says:

    Situations like this are so heartbreaking. I work for a center in my town where we deal with the same gridlock: people often want a job but can’t get it because first they would need some of the benefits of housing, childcare, etc. And that’s only the situation, to say nothing of the grief in a person’s life, which you so compassionately brought out. It is true we all do contribute to our problems and don’t always respond well…but we also suffer, I mean Really suffer. As a Christian I believe my God was willing to come to me and help me in my suffering…so it only follows I should show compassion to other people who suffer, like you said. Great, thoughtful post

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  2. Carl D'Agostino says:

    Well written commentary of the plight of people like Will. In Miami there are shelters which many homeless use as a base for mail and residence certification. These types of facilities help people such as Will and this unfortunate matter. Will repost on my TW, FB and G.

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  3. velmadunkin says:

    My heart goes out to Will as well as the thousands of homeless members men, women and children out there. I spent my days volunteering at the shelter in San Francisco. I met so many wonderful people. Their stories were tragic. We all need to be grateful for what we have but it’s also important to open our hearts to those in need

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  4. danroberson says:

    It’s easy to condemn without understanding the situation. To recover from the deep darkness requires both giving love and respect and earning love and respect. Small steps at first, each person must be allowed to grow, both the giver and the one looking for a helping hand. The one who has much sometimes has to learn how to share, and the one needing help has to accept willingly. No one is perfect, whether rich or poor, and no one owes anything to the other. But if someone gives from the heart, call that person a brother.

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  5. Bdawg425 says:

    I’ve been Will for most of my adult life and can attest that although what seems to be horrific conditions for most people, when I look back at it I was right where I was supposed to be when I needed to be there. I realize that makes no sense to most people but it is my experience. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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  6. Bdawg425 says:

    Recently I discovered that I’ve been recovered from one disabling pre conceived notion to another.

    I hear people talk about privilege, something foreign to me and although never experienced by me I then realized I was a member of a new community.

    Now I know what hate feels like.

    I’ve had the honor of being forced to a bike, to eat what I have not what I like. It ain’t right but I continued to fight and after a lifetime of this non choice lifestyle I felt judgment been thrown, I was stereotyped an flashed a disgusted groan.

    I’ve heard people call me human feces, these people didn’t even resemble my own species… Ive had teenagers spit in my face and laugh, they screamed how they hated me while a crowd kicked my ass.

    I’ve been asked to leave so many establishments, Ive been banished by clerks, maids and management.

    This lifestyle I found myself doing, is not what people choose for themselves, who you fooling? People don’t choose to sleep out in the rain, to wander around for hours in pain… For whatever reason it is their reality, a real fear or delusion that keeps them from sanity. No one is homeless because of their vanity… There is a lot of insanity and calamity and the reality is that survival is not a certainty.You can see an example currently. Just step outside in any city and if you see things a little differently you will become aware of a large community in your direct vicinity.

    There is never a shortage of the suffering, this propels the haves into buffering. There security is to separate to keep away they elevate. The have-nots have committed no crime, it’s not illegal not to have a dime but it seems to be a sentence for those who must line the streets looking for a comeuppance.

    All you must see is who’s in a penitentiary to realize that being poor is a crime. Judicature’s profit when the destitute are brought in front of a judge on a charge of wasting time. Fines are levied, jail population stays heavy and another poor soul goes further underwater while losing their mind… It happens all the time.

    Not every person on the street will beg. There are those who would rather chew off their own leg than let it be said they asked for even a penny. They can never accept charity because then everyone would see they can’t take care of their family. Paradoxically they would steal and catch a felony to feed those loved ones at home. How that allows one to keep their rep is anyone’s bet but there are poor people doing it constantly, just look at the mug shots down at county… You can see that look in their eye. They can’t cry or die and the sure can’t fly so they sit in a cell and only time will tell if the system will let them be… Or hold them indefinitely .

    Like any society there are many stories. Some will rise to glory while others hold the status quo.

    Some are mean, some are sweet. Some will starve while others always eat. Some are slobs and some have jobs… Some hang out and others flaunt clout.Some only whisper, while others always SHOUT.

    Some claim responsibility while others say alimony keeps them were they are at. Some are Alcoholic while others smoke crack.You have tweakers, pill poppers and those hooked on smack. Every type of human being you can find in this fascinating community… That we call the poor.

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      • Bdawg425 says:

        Honestly I always knew I had the mental capacity to change when it was time. The people I feel for are those out on the streets living the only way they know how without the ability to rise above it when they choose. I once heard a stat that always stuck with me and it may or may not be accurate but approx 20% of homeless men have some type of mental disorder but homeless women the rate jumps to almost 80%.. If that’s true we are failing a large percentage of our mentally ill citizens.

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