Deidre’ Shepard

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Deidre’ Shepard

There are 1,000’s of vivid memories I have with my mother, each unforgettable. Each filled with drama and passion. Some filled with anger and a false sense of hate, but what I remember most is her silent but explosive calls for love. That’s her, Deidre’ Shepard. Her vibrant vocal cords would echo swiftly past each room and forcefully into our ears. Every call different from the last, and depending on her tone we were able to decipher her signal.

Tired from working and cooking dinner, frustrated because of the uncompleted chores, or even hungry sometimes. Now I remember how much she sacrificed for us. She suffered physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for us. She starved for us. And the more ungrateful we became, the louder she roared.

A lioness. A bull. This exotic hybrid of a woman simply wanted to be loved. Not from friends, not from family, but from her children. The woman who sacrificed her body to feed her cubs. The woman who sacrificed her image to clothe her children. The woman who held in her pain, just to protect us from a cruel world. All she wanted was love from the ones she suffered for. Now I know….

I love you mom, and Happy Mother’s Day. I hope to see you soon….

24 thoughts on “Deidre’ Shepard

  1. "Pucky" says:

    Pucky feels the pride, the pain, and the gratitude. Raising young Pucks doesn’t always pay off. It look’s like the payoff here came later. Mother Pucks have always been and will always be the brightest shining in Pucky’s eyes!

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  2. Quartet Musicals says:

    So very heartfelt, beautiful, inspirational. Us Moms pray for our children’s ‘sight’ knowing it may not be planned for us to witness it in our lifetimes. Since your spirit and heart is connected with hers, I hope you’ve found peace knowing she knows, you ‘see’.

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