Family. I took my family for granted, and now that they’re gone I’m stuck sitting here with only my memories. I’m left here in regret, regretting how I let my my lack of trust and communication suppress my ability to express the love for my family. Why do we have to lose the things we love to truly understand what we have? It’s unfair. It’s not right.

Why does God work like that? Why wasn’t this enlightenment given to me sooner? Before all the fights and arguments, before all the chaos, before all the miss communication, and before our separation. Why am I left here wiping tears away at night? Why am I left here staring at old pictures with this pain in my heart? I honestly don’t know, but I do know I will get them back! Regardless of everything that’s happened, I won’t let the past stop me from fighting for the love of my family.

To everyone out there going through a crisis with family, a lover, or even a friend, I recommend this book. After reading this I became aware of my own faults with my family. It took some time but I was humble enough to admit I was wrong. We all seek love and respect in any relationship we develop with others. Read and apply that information. Go repair broken relationships in your life. Don’t wait until you lose them to change like I did.

10 thoughts on “Family 

  1. attackerofwindmills says:

    I believe everyone has a particular threshold of loss that triggers a switch. When the light comes on and you see yourself, it’s the first step in getting right with you and then others.
    I have an in-law who’s been destroying his own life and relationships with others for decades, and he blames everyone in the world but himself. I believe he will never be happy until he accepts responsibility for his behavior, and I’m sad to say that he’s close to losing his home and his girlfriend (again, so it’s a pattern).
    To me, your post reflects the ability to accept ownership, offer sincere apology, and demonstrate earnestness in your efforts to make peace with loved ones. This is powerful, and you may be pleasantly surprised by their responses.
    Best wishes for you on this good path you’re carving.

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