Your Clouds 


I use to be so jealous watching others succeed in my life. Actually, I believe we’ve all had a point in our lives when jealousy appeared because of the success of another, especially when our lives always seemed to remain challenging or chaotic. I’m here to tell you to stop, because now I realize how much success is out there in the world. It’s more than enough for all of us.

We only begin to feel anxious, envious, and jealous when we begin comparing our progression to someone other than ourselves. Listen, don’t deny it, we’ve all done this, but let me explain to you why I stopped.

When you look up at the clouds, you’ll notice each cloud moves at its own pace. Some of these clouds appear to be motionless. Stare at that motionless cloud. With some patience you’ll begin to notice its forward progress in the sky. We are like these clouds. Instead of focusing on how fast people may be moving past you, look back at your journey. There you will see YOUR progression, realizing how far you’ve come!

26 thoughts on “Your Clouds 

  1. J.S. Pailly says:

    I think it’s hard to avoid that kind of jealousy. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. The weirdest experience for me was when a co-worker admitted to being jealous of my “success.” This was weird to me because what this person considered my success was, from my perspective, a constant daily struggle. That taught me something about seeing things from other people’s point of view, and I try to keep that in mind whenever I start feeling jealous of others.

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  2. Soul Gifts says:

    Make haste slowly – that leads to sustainable growth.
    Thank you so much for the follow. You have a very heart centred approach to blogging and giving voice to the voiceless. Every blessing to your journey.

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  3. Darla Haas says:

    If we all focused more on our own individual progress and purpose rather than comparing ourselves to others it would be a happier and less stressful world. You’ve given me a new way to look at clouds! Thank you.

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  4. Dewy says:

    Success is not a big house or nice cars . Success is not what is perceived by society or others . Today made me realise that I am successful in my own way not a loser that I’d perceived some days in my darkest hours.
    To have a day off to go volunteering, to go wandering to my heart’s content. That’s success in itself.

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