The word “Friend”

Now a days this word gets thrown around like it’s candy. The sad part is, not too many people understand the true meaning of this word, or even the true VALUE of being called a friend.

We all pick out friends based on how they make us feel, or how we feel around them. There’s no fault in that, in fact, how you feel towards your friends is extremely important. The problem occurs when the responsibility of a friend isn’t being met. I don’t mean certain rules and morals you’ve set between you and your friend. It’s what people DON’T talk about that a friend should be doing.

It’s nice to laugh and have good times with your friends, to have a person to talk to about your horrible day, to know someone has your back, or even just to have a shoulder to cry on. But what if they’re doing something you know isn’t right. What if they’re about to make a decision you know could cause them great pain in the future. Would you tell them, regardless of how they may respond or feel?

It’s not always about making them feel good, or telling them what they want to hear. To be a real friend, you have to know when to speak up and when to tell them they’re wrong. Yes, speaking up about sensitive topics may very well end your friendship with them, but if they were a real friend too, they would completely understand you’re just looking out for them….

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