Their True Colors

Seeing a person’s true colors isn’t as difficult as I imagined. They truly appear during their struggle. It’s easy to be happy and pleasant when times are easy. When things are flowing and life seems abundant. But it’s once the struggle appears that the facade falls. The majority of people crack, collapsing under the pressure of life. They can’t call themselves leaders, because we call for them when life feels hard, not when life feel easy.

5 thoughts on “Their True Colors

      • marymichaelschmidt says:

        I have my second husband and my only living son. When you start out being abused in every way since birth, and then you have children die (one at age five years with a horrid cancer battle) it is hard. Two people have my back except for the alone times when I’m home bound due to massive medical issues. I would have loved to have been part of a normal family with normal family issues.


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