Generation & Annilation By: Starr

generation annilationa lot of commotion and controversy 

of the black and white skin

especially me being a black teen

i will never fit in

our generation right now is shitty as ever

because i cant even go outside without hearing a label being set on the table

and u wonder why i am able to call myself ugly

i hide my conceded personality

because people would judge

but why am i hiding myself for satisfaction of others?

i need to be me

yes i wear makeup and i wear fake weave

yes i wear tight clothes

and pink panties

yes i am black and i been known that

yes i go natural and i will never forget that

no i am not what society perceives me

no i dont it for others because i do it for me

let me get glamed up and let me rise because you even trying to justify my life that just automatically makes you the ugliest person on earth

from your sunrise to your sunset

your best bet is to live the life you want to live

not live your life without a purpose

if someone tells you to go right 

you pick the obvious and go left

shit if someone tells me go right

i will go purple

cause fuck you and your directions

purple may not be a direction

but it is a correct way to say

i dont abide by the rules

and never again will i let someone hurt me in the name of love

because the person i hurt is myself

the only person that knows what im going through is myself

and people are afraid to look in the mirror and smile back at that reflection 

let me spit something for you

if you look in the mirror

and see a reflection 

you should really look

and see a connection

there should be no disconnection

you should not be bending over backwards 

like you retroflexion 

look at your skin you are a person of color

do not make any misconceptions 

that person you see is with you for life

and that should be the only person you reppin

i am not saying just be by yourself

but i am telling you to love yourself

before you try to put something infront of yourself

be you and do you

generation annihilation thank you.

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