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Gary is one of the strongest warriors I have ever met, and growing up in the slums of Camden should be self explanatory. A long childhood of abuse and neglect only kept this man motivated, something we all could learn from.

Gary followed his dream as a trucker,  traveling all across America for more than 10 years. He was engaged and being away from home for so long made their relationship difficult at times. To help with the expenses, he would send his checks home, expecting his wife to pay for the mortgage of the house. Gary came back home to a shocker. His fiancé hadn’t paid a single mortgage bill! This immediately forced him and his fiancé out into the streets. What crushed Gary the most was how was quickly his fiancé left him to pursue another man. Later finding out she married him as well. This story was heart breaking, and watching him repeat those words only made me emotional. It’s amazing how quick we judge people living on the streets without completely understanding their situation…..

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