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I can honestly say now that I recognize the TRUE strength of a woman. You are our mothers, providers, and Queens. You can put up with so much shit, but still manage to strive forward despite obstacles you face. You all are Super Women. But today I give the Superwoman award to Nim. Her courage is what separates her from any other woman I’ve ever met in my life.

Born and raised in Oregon, she experienced sexual abuse starting at the age of 4. This experience sadly followed her until she was 28. Repeatedly abused by the men in her family, her own family was in denial, ignoring her call for help. This only forced her to run off with her boyfriend in New Hampshire, but what seemed like a great idea was only a new environment with the same problem. With nothing but the contact of her mother, she never looked back to her family.

Something I’ve learned throughout this entire year is that suppressing your emotions will only cause more turmoil in your life. In fact, you’ll be stuck in the same cycle you’re running from. To break the cycle, one must free the weight of the heart with honesty and acceptance. This was evident with Nim. Running away from her family was never the solution. This only led her down a path of more abuse, but instead this was verbal. Words are extremely powerful, and to be verbally abused will have a negative effect on anyone! It wasn’t until she arrived in Philadelphia with her boyfriend that she decided to make a change.

To any woman who reads this, this question is for you. You have all the money you could imagine, a nice house, a nice car, all the expensive jewels and clothing you desire I n the world. Every materialistic desire you could ever dream of is flowing to you abundantly. Life is great, so it seems. The only thing missing is your happiness. What do you do, stay or leave? If you stay you won’t be happy, but you’ll have all your riches . If you leave, you leave with nothing. Only an empty path, intertwined with your TRUE thoughts and feelings lay ahead of you. This is why courage shouldn’t be taken lightly, because I already know the path most women would take. Nim took the path of freedom and happiness. Yes, as a result she is currently homeless. But if you can’t understand how much more she gained by leaving, then you will never understand the TRUE meaning of happiness. Tell me women, if becoming homeless was the only other way to freedom and true happiness, would you take it? This is why Nim is the most courageous woman I’ve ever met in my life, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find another one like her….

5 thoughts on “Nim

  1. Andi Garcia says:

    Thank you for sharing this…I too was a victim of abuse..I say was..I left with my 2 kids and left everything I knew. All you described I left. It was a hard road but I thank God that my family was supportive. I invite you to read 9/11 my personal testimony on my blog and it’ll give you a little insight when I took that first step.
    Bless you for sharing these stories with the world!! It’s amazing and gives names to the faces we may all see in passing on a daily basis. 👏😊

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  2. Pan says:

    I’m not sure what you meant by not finding another like her, but it seems, you might want to double down efforts to do so.. Especially if there are amends to make.. Nim sounds extraordinary.. As I read the story, it took me back to when I was 18 and fortunate enough to land a career cleaning carpets and upholstery, working for a man with high society connections enough to land jobs in mansions.. The first mansion I worked in, the lady of the house was a trophy wife and she was miserable.. Not mean but very very depressed.. So alone, that she used my shoulder to cry on, complaining how her husband ignored her and would embarrass her in public and made her feel incompetent and useless.. I was an 18 yr old giving her a 40+ woman a pep talk.. They were so wealthy and I knew in my heart she’s probably never left to live her own life.. She took some valium while I was there and washed it down with some white wine.. I’ve wondered time to time, if she ever did leave him, if she did it still breathing..
    What I found out while cleaning for the wealthy..
    Happiness is not in abundance..
    They are more likely to get bored and need the “next new thing”
    Intentional and unintentional suicide is not rare..
    But leaving all the glitz, glamor and sparkly things, is a hardcore mental addiction that makes them grab on..

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  3. Ray Of Helios says:

    Because I of this article, we know the “Sacred Feminin” exemplified. Strength be to all women for the strength they show us in all the lives they live. Thank you!

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