I love my job, because the more people share with me, the more I realize how beautiful everyone truly is. Never judge a book by its cover.

Starting with her eyes and her beautiful smile, I knew Michelle was pure positive energy from the very beginning. I met Michelle at Suburban Station, and her unconditional love is what drew me closer to her, almost like her energy had its own gravitational pull. Before I actually approached her, I watched how individuals looked at her. They expressed looks of disgust, judgment, and selfishness. Michelle only smiled in return, always polite and never rude. I was amazed to see such a being give off so much love to people who assaulted her, gave her nasty looks, and judged her. This is a perfect example of unconditional love. I walked over to her, offering my lunch to her. As she ate she began sharing her story, only leaving me in shock. Amnesia is a bitch. Michelle had taken a blow to the head, resulting in her memory lost. No home, no family, no friends, all lost after her accident. She was left roaming the streets in search of an explanation. This is it, this is all to her story, but I can only assume it’s because of her amnesia.

One thing I’m curious about is why she hasn’t been looked for. Where is her family? Have they searched for her? Did she originally live in Philadelphia? Does she have any friends? These questions continue to eat me alive day by day. Can anyone help her? Does anyone know who Michelle is?


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