The true power of the human mind is extraordinary. We’ve created so much beauty with something so simple as our imagination, a gift that has also been the cause of so much of the destruction in our lives. But regardless of how we decide to use this power, many of us take our mental health for granted. Like Tasha, many aren’t aware of how easy it is to become a victim of the mind.

Diagnosed with epilepsy, Tasha was extremely limited to the things she loved. Unexpected seizures hunted her frequently, making it extremely difficult to enjoy her everyday life. Imagine yourself on a highway driving 200 mph. Within a blink of an eye, your steering wheel and brakes could suddenly vanish, leaving you with no control of your life. Could you imagine that kind of impact? And If you some how survived that collision, try living everyday knowing you had to drive a hour on the highway in the same exact car. Paranoia thrived on Tasha’s spirit the same exact way. Unfortunately, she experience that collision. Cooking one day in her apartment, she had an episode. The result of her seizure caused her apartment to eventually catch fire. She was saved before the fire took her life, but she lost her home in the process. As she looked to family in a time a need, they simply turned their backs on her as if she was simply a stranger. The word “family” seems to have no value in society today and it’s beginning to piss me off.

Currently homeless, Tasha is left alone on the streets with this mental condition. I just hope her steering wheel doesn’t vanish as she’s crossing the street one day……



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