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Life has a way of putting us through obstacles that may seem everlasting. We sprint through life trying to avoid pain, but only to be gripped back and then strangled by its cold hands. Like many of us, this is something Jake has struggled with as well, literally.

Jake, currently in his late 20’s, was born and raised in Philadelphia and his family lived across from Somerset Station (Market-Frankford Line). Besides the absence of his father, Jake’s life growing up was normal. School, family, and having fun is what took up most of his time as a child. It wasn’t until his mother attempted to kill him that his life started spiraling downhill. One day Jake was on the phone with his father, a time with his father he cherished greatly. As he stood in front of his TV something began wrapping itself around his neck rapidly. This caused Jake to drop his phone, rolling over his mother as he gasped for air in pain. Fire began filling his lungs, slowly growing from the base of his chest to the top of his throat as his mother double wrapped the belt around his neck. Her grip tightened, and his vision became blurry and blue. Jake cried silently, with each tearing drop counting his life away. Jake was dying……something he accepted as his body grew weaker, and if it wasn’t for his heroic brother Jake wouldn’t be alive today. His brother forced his mother’s grip free, but as Jake tried standing to his feet his mother quickly hit him in his face with a different object. Jake instantly fell back to the floor. He laid there with a broken nose and fractured bones in his face. His memory went black.

Jake eventually took a path of drugs shortly after this experience. This was his way of escaping his pain, a pain so deadly at the age of 10. One of the primary reasons I love Jake’s story is because of his cry for forgiveness. Jake hurt a lot of his friends and family because of his drug use, something he’s reminded of each time he asks them for help. The lack of compassion from his family has kept him away from his 7 and 5 year old kids. Missing Christmas without his children for 5 years is his greatest struggle as he lives homeless on the streets.

This is confusing to me because he was raised in a Christian home. God forgives us all for our sins, despite all the hurt and pain we’ve caused him…………so why can’t we forgive each other? God doesn’t create excuses to why he can’t forgive, he just forgives.

4 thoughts on “Jake

  1. theherdlesswitch says:

    I love how you posted all these wonderful stories here! People often forget that empathy is something beautifully human, something that makes life more rich and livable. I hope these stories will help them remember.

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